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  Information on a variety of topics concerning language and reading development in young children.

Launching Young Readers

A five-part television series on PBS.

Using Language to Learn -  Activities for Preschoolers
What do preschoolers do?

Family Education
What your child needs to know.,3598,1,00.html

Learn About Reading
You'll find hundreds of current articles on this site.

Get Ready to Read!
The Get Ready to Read! site has a new look and new content.

Japanese Children's Books
Summer Edition 2003.

Favorite Children's Stories
Great websites for kids.

What Many Children Do In Language
Early childhood growth chart.

Raising a Reader
Here are some things you can do to raise a lifelong reader.

Fun Activities to Promote Speaking Skills
Do you sometimes have trouble understanding what your preschooler says?

Fun Activities For a Pre-reader
It's never too early to turn  your child on to books.

When Should Your Child Learn to Read?
These activities provide them with the basic building blocks they'll need to prepare for reading when they're ready for it.

10 Ways to Raise a Strong Reader
One of the most significant discoveries in recent reading research has been the importance of providing children with a language-rich environment right from the start.

How To Choose the Best Books For Your Pre-reader
Here are six suggestions from reading specialists, teachers, and experienced parents.

Fun Activities For a Pre-reader
It's never too early to turn your child on to books.

Milestones in Your Child's Speech and Language Development
The following links will send you to a checklist that can determine if your child's speech and language skills are developing on schedule.

Activities to Encourage Speech and Language Development

Speech and Language Development
Language is a code made up of rules that include what words mean, how to make words, how to put them together, and what word combinations are best in what situations.  Speech is the oral form of language.

Family Education
Find advice on every aspect of education and learning, discover parent-approved entertainment ideas, and learn how to handle the many life issues of your pre-K through second grader.,3598,1,00.html

Lotto is a game that is played like bingo, but pictures are used instead of numbers.  This is a printable version of the game.

Paper Finger Puppets
You can make the entire cast of a nursery rhyme or fairy tale in just a few minutes, and then put on your own show.

Activity Books:  KinderCrafts - Enchanted Learning
Activity Books you can make.

Little Explorers
Picture dictionary with links.

Lil' Fingers
Lil' Fingers is a storybook site for toddler age children with games, storybooks and coloring pages.


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